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ООО Октонион технолоджи

What is Octonion?

Octonion is IoT software platform that meets today's and tomorrow's clients requests for an end-to-end solution, from the embedded layer to the cloud-based services.

It is fast.

Octonion’s expertise allows clients to deploy a connected project in 6 months as opposed to the 18 to 24 months currently needed with most other platforms. This has been proven with large launches for big-name sports brands such as Everlast, Babolat, and Rossignol.

It is modular.

The Octonion platform is probably the only truly end-to-end offering currently on the market.
And because each layer of the platform is device-agnostic and compatible with any hosting solution, it allows customers to address any vertical or horizontal use-cases, develop, and operate their own IoT solution.

It is user-centric.

Today, most IoT projects are currently focused on machine-to-cloud scenarios without human interaction.
Octonion brings a user-centric perspective – in the design of interfaces that provide an unparalleled experience to the end-user on various platforms (iOS, Android, Tablet, PC…).

Octonion Technology stands by agile methodologies, to build the future of AI and IoT based products. One of our projects is PIQ (https://piq.com/), an intelligent sport sensor.

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